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Tao of Badass

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  • How To Be In The Top 2% Of Men
  • The 10 undeniable ways you can know FOR SURE that a woman is attracted to you
  • Why attempts to show women that you are a “sensitive guy” are ABSOLUTELY KILLING your chances with them
  • The body language triggers that you can look for to tell you EXACTLY what stage a woman is in
  • The one little and seemingly harmless thought that will absolutely destroy any chance you have of improving
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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Learn from the pickup artist Joshua Pellicer

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What other people are saying about The Tao of Badass System

Michael – CA:
It’s genius, and very well organized. I’ve never heard the concept of value broken down so meticulously before. I can totally take this to the field with me. Outstanding.

Tom P – CA:
Joshua you REALY opend my eyes.

Patricia – FL:
I always felt that relationships were more complex than we are usually taught, but I am already beginning to see, with your help, where so many things we do mess up our possibilities all along the way.

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